“Everyone deserves the opportunity to rise to their full potential.”

– Joe Gibara

Self-esteem is the key to personal growth, confidence and success. But not everyone has it.

A lack of self-esteem can create difficult life challenges. At its worst, it can be debilitating. When we lose faith in ourselves and what we can contribute to the world, we hinder our own ability to achieve goals and enjoy life.

The good news is that you can build a healthy self-esteem at any stage of life. With a range of proven tools, exercises and tailored workshops, we can help you to lay the foundations for a happier, more confident and more successful you.

What is self-esteem and why do we need it?

Put simply, self-esteem is the value we place on ourselves, how we use that value to contribute to society, and how we perceive that value from others.
A lack of self-esteem can lead to social issues, job dissatisfaction, relationship and health problems. Sadly, almost half of all Australians (45 per cent) experience a mental health condition in their lifetime, while over three million Australians are currently living with depression or anxiety, according to Beyond Blue. What’s more, mental illness in Australia costs around $20 billion each year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Building an individual’s self-esteem is vital in overcoming or preventing these issues. And that’s what The Esteem Project is about.

The Esteem Project

The Esteem Project is a positive initiative that aims to empower individuals with a stronger sense of self, so they can appreciate their true worth in society, achieve their goals and enjoy better health.

The Esteem Project was developed as a preventative – not merely reactive – program.

It is designed to promote the wellbeing of individuals and society and reduce the risk of serious social and health problems later in life.

Through a series of dedicated workshops, tools and resources, The Esteem Project can help you:


Develop a healthy sense of self


Overcome feelings of insecurity and low self-worth


Appreciate other members of society


Become enriched by the diversity of religion, culture, skills and backgrounds within our society

What we do

Our workshops

We offer a range of tailored group workshops to help improve self-esteem.
Self-esteem skills for young people aged 12 and up.
Self-esteem building skills for everybody, including the disadvantaged.
Helping job seekers enter the workforce sooner, including school leavers and the unemployed.
Improving staff self-esteem for better business performance.

The Esteem Project Founder

Joe Gibara

Joe Gibara is a professional image consultant and life coach with over 20 years’ industry experience.

As the founder of The Esteem Project, Joe’s primary aim is to help improve the self-esteem of individuals so that they can reach their full potential.

Throughout his career as a hair stylist and image consultant, Joe established a successful and reputable career within the hair and beauty industry, having forged many strong and long-standing client relationships.

Joe has worked with numerous clients including celebrities, youth and the disadvantaged. Joe has spent many years listening to clients discuss their challenges, fears and apprehensions. Many of these fears, Joe came to realise, stemmed from a low sense of self-esteem and self-worth, and could be easily challenged with a change of mindset and some wellbeing management techniques.

These days, Joe is committed to applying his image-consulting and life-coaching skills towards developing programs that are specifically designed to improve the self-awareness and self-acceptance of others.

Joe founded The Esteem Project to help people seize opportunities that present, manage conflicts, communicate better with loved ones, progress their careers, and ultimately live life happier, more successful and more satisfied.
“I hope you find my programs as rewarding as I do when I see people make personal changes in their lives and within themselves – for the better.” – Joe Gibara.

Workshop and Program Facilitators

We work with a number of workshop facilitators and program mentors of diverse genders, ethnicities, religions and socio-economic backgrounds. Our program facilitators and mentors help drive the key messages of our workshops, connect on a personal level and provide face to face support for individuals.

We are always interested in new members, so please send your resume to us if you would like to be a part of The Esteem Project team and help us make a difference.
“Everyone deserves the opportunity to rise to their full potential.” – Joe Gibara

Individual Services

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