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A personal life coach can help motivate you to achieve your best

Are you frustrated with your personal relationships? Do you struggle with everyday challenges? Whatever your reason, One2One coaching can help you make the positive change you’re looking for.
Our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing are without question our most important assets. If we are not working at our optimum, we can experience flow-on issues in our work life, our relationships, our physical health and so on. Einstein once observed that the definition of insanity was “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Similarly, we can only achieve change if we take accountability for our goals, shift our mindset, break old habits and create new ones. And just as you would retain a professional tradesperson fix a leaking pipe or electrical fault, so should you retain a professional to help improve your personal wellbeing. While friends and loved ones may be a great first point-of-call, the guidance of a professional coach can really help you open up and overcome challenges through proven techniques and a results-based approach to your wellbeing. And if there’s anything worth investing in, it’s you.

What is life coaching?

There is a general misconception that life coaching is exclusive to celebrities and the wealthy but this is not true in the least. Life coaching is for everyone – young and old – at any stage of life.
  • Embarking on a new career
  • Improving eating habits
  • Pursuing a passion
  • Wishing to improve your personal relationships or develop new ones
  • Breaking old habits and creating new ones
  • Climbing the corporate ladder
  • Simply looking for some life direction
Coaching is an important way to help you evaluate your goals, build your self-esteem and improve your wellbeing.

How it works

One2One Coaching is a personal, affordable and tailored program consisting of a minimum of 10 face to face coaching sessions.
  • Improve your confidence, self-esteem, health and wellbeing
  • Motivate you to set goals and strategies to succeed
  • Encourage self-accountability and a positive attitude for change
  • Help you learn about your strengths and how to manage challenges
  • Enhance your image, presentation and social etiquette
  • Help you learn how to recognise and seize positive opportunities
  • Allow you to enjoy a change of mindset for better living and a more fulfilled self
Our experienced and approachable professionals work to high standards of confidentiality, assuring you of a positive experience. What’s more, we teach you simple wellbeing techniques giving you positive energy that you can use in your everyday life.
“Everyone deserves the opportunity to rise to their full potential.” – Joe Gibara

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