“In a job interview, first impressions are everything.”

Job Ready Program

Mastering the job interview process is a complex skill that requires mindfulness, consideration and practice. Employers are ultimately seeking the right cultural fit for their organisation. Finding that right fit means that employers will be assessing an applicant’s presentation, body language, communication, personality and etiquette. For school leavers or those who have been out of work for some time, these skills can be learnt, applied and strengthened with our Job Ready Program.

Program Aim

The Job Ready Program aims to provide job seekers with the necessary skills to make a great first impression. The Job Ready Program is an ideal resource for government and non-government employment agencies, as it helps empower individuals with the necessary skills to make a faster and more seamless transitions to the workforce.
Through a combination of life-coaching and image consulting techniques, we provide everything that individuals need to feel confident, well-presented and well-placed for future job selection.

The Job Ready Program is designed to:


Create mindfulness regarding personal appearance, presentation and etiquette

Interview Preparation

Provide useful interview preparation skills to promote relaxation and mental clarity.

Value Offering

Teach individuals how to leverage their strengths, address weaknesses and market their point of difference


Improve interpersonal communication skills and subliminal body language

Career Goals

Help individuals set and refine career goals


Create a positive mindset

Interview Process

Familiarise individuals with the job interview process


Explain the laws of attraction

How it works

The Job Ready Program is conducted over two days. The program duration is four hours each day and consists of two sessions with an hour break in-between.
  • Day 1

    We facilitate a visual, collaborative face-to-face session that addresses the above topics in an open, relaxed environment.
  • Day 2

    Attendees enjoy a one-to-one life coaching experience to refine their career and aspirational goals and develop a strategy for success. These goals are then encapsulated in a personalised visual ‘Dream Book’, which attendees can take home as a reference and motivator for future goal-setting.
“Everyone deserves the opportunity to rise to their full potential.” – Joe Gibara

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